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About me

Résumé / CV

I’m Alex & I'm a freelance UX / UI Designer working across multiple disciplines from mobile apps, websites, experiential installations & VR / AR Applications.

I grew up in a small town in the north of England where I studied design since college with the intention of becoming a great games designer. When I realised I’d be a terrible games designer, I pivoted to what was then a new and unheard of discipline; UX & UI.

I completed my BA honours in UI design which achieved the attention of Sony PlayStation who then supported me in doing my Masters Degree in UX / UI until I inevitably went to work for them full time for around five years.

Now I’m based in the big smoke of London & have been here for five years during which time I’ve been a part of some truly awesome projects with some equally amazing people.

User interfaces are everywhere & now more than ever are we encountering user experience in our day-to-day lives; whether it’s via our devices or at the local supermarket.

What I love about UX & UI is the marriage and overlap between the two disciplines of graphic design & the study of psychology / human behaviour. Design that is visible, yet   equally invisible is a super fascinating concept and equally difficult to explain to my family and friends when they ask what I do.

As a designer, I like to get inside the fabric of the brand or project, using visual design, empathy &  strategy to create compelling user experiences that not only feel great, but look awesome too.

I thrive most when I work among teams where I can make a real impact and really challenge and support my peers. I pursue value, meaning & loyalty with the aim to cultivate a culture that people feel comfortable in, where there are no stupid questions & where every day is an opportunity to learn & support others across our varied crafts or disciplines.

What do I want out of my next venture? It differs, but working on something that is meaningful - not just from a project or product point of view - but something that is creatively stimulating & autonomous.

tools I use
Sketcha Fernanda
Figma Maria
Photoshop, Illustrator & After Effects
Webflow is awesome!
What am I learning at the moment?
I'm currently excited to learn more about developing websites using webflow

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