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Sony PlayStation

The Sony PlayStation stereoscopic 3D gaming team required a new logo and identity to represent the transition of the team's role from 3D Gaming to Virtual Reality & Immersive Technologies. As the designer on the team I was tasked with creating the new identity to embody our division and what we do.

The Immersive Technology Group were a small R&D team within Sony Interactive Entertainment who research & develop techniques, ideas & knowledge surrounding immersive technologies such as stereoscopic 3D & virtual reality to develop best practice approaches to VR.

This knowledge was then shared with first party development teams, helping them create the most immersive experiences possible, playing a significant role in the development of PlayStation®VR hardware - including early headset prototypes - and VR content such as Driveclub VR, VR Worlds, RIGS & PlayRoomVR.


From very early into the development we liked the idea of a slice through the letters where one might be fully immersed in colour & the others only partially becoming immersed, or something along those lines. This would be symbolic of the two worlds of reality and virtual reality; the group of letters/symbols being classed as the same body, but perhaps this body looks different when seen through a different medium.

A key part of the logo was incorporating the iconic PlayStation symbols alongside the letters; striking a balance that would not only look professional but fit into the greater Sony ecosystem. In total, there were over a hundred iterations before landing on a solid direction.

Further Exploration

Due to the large amount of designs and iterations I created, I also explored some ideas around the visual of a head mounted display. These designs were slightly more iterative and didn't make the final cut, however they were fun to do.

I also took this opportunity to showcase how they could be used in marketing materials such as billboards, totes and badges.

Refining the "Slice"

Once a solid direction & composition had been established, I used the framework to experiment further using the slice to augment the balance. In this phase I also made tweaks to the letters to create rhythm and harmony across the composition.

Once a final direction was chosen, I made some final alterations, tightened up the design and created a style guide for the team to refer to when using the logo.

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