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I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients on projects spanning various mediums from mobile apps, websites, experiential installations & AR / VR experiences.

You can find the entire body of work below; some projects are password protected due to not having permission to show them publicly.

Combined Shape
Combined Shape

website & mobile app

Red Bull Paper Wings

Red Bull wanted an event website & mobile app to promote & manage the largest paper plane throwing competition in the world!

Red Bull Paper Wings Project Preview Image
IBM Dream Store Project Preview Image

website & experiential

IBM dream store

For the NRF 2020 Vision Show, IBM wanted an interactive installation aimed at entrepreneurs & business owners to enable them to build their virtual dream store which would showcase the ways that IBM can benefit their business.

web App

Procell Virtual World

As part of a virtual trade show, I designed a scaleable interactive virtual experience to showcase the limitless portfolio of Procell Professional Batteries.

Red Bull Basement University Project Preview Image
Red Bull Futur/IO Project Preview Image


red bull futur/io

Red Bull launched an event giving creative minds and dreamers the opportunity to show their vision of what they wanted for the future via a sixty second video.

mobile & tablet app

BT digital dash

BT Digital Dash is an award winning app created to encourage kids to get fit for a digital future by creating their own digital athlete to train and race against others, whilst testing their computational thinking skills along the way.

BT Digital Dash Project Preview Image
Cisco CX Mission Possible Project Preview Image

experiential vr

cisco cx mission possible

The Cisco CX Mission Possible VR experience took place at the Cisco CX conference in San Francisco and was intended to showcase the outstanding customer support of the company via a series of VR puzzles.


red bull basement university

Red Bull wanted to create a global hub for their Basement University project - an event that encouraged students to present innovative technological solutions for issues that they face on campus.

Red Bull Basement University Project Preview Image
Plates Project Preview Image



Plates brings you 7 new & unique recipes for you to cook every week - that’s one recipe for every single day! The goal was to inspire users to create new, unique recipes & food combinations that they wouldn’t otherwise try


Urban Flowers

I focused on giving the brand a new visual identity to tell the narrative of their company with the aim to eventually have an app for fast and reliable online ordering.

Urban Flowers Project Preview Image
Mozambique School Lunch Initiative Project Preview Image

website & logo

mozambique school lunch initiative

The Mozambique School Lunch Initiative is a small non-profit organisation and to secure a second round of funding, their co-founder came to me looking for a redesign of the organisation's logo & website to help solidify their brand.

Movie Booking App Project Preview Image

App UI Design

Movie Booking app

For a short mini-project I designed a UI for a movie booking app that was to reflect a more classical aesthetic giving a nod to the old-style, art deco hollywood era.

App Design

MyFitnessPal Redesign

As a user of the app myself - and someone who uses the app every single day - I was able to identify some of the pain points that I felt were holding it back. With that in mind, I redesigned some areas that I felt could help elevate the user experience.

MyFitnessPal Redesign Project Preview Image
Online Videogame Store Project Preview Image


Online Videogame Store

As a keen gamer, when I visit a video games site I'm presented a plethora of games and devices that I have no interest in on devices I don't own so I wanted to create an immersive shopping experience curated to the individual gamer's preferences.


Joshua Bell VR

I designed the User Interface for the award-winning app "Joshua Bell VR" - a 360 degree, stereoscopic 3D, VR video experience for PlayStationVR in which famous violinist, Joshua Bell, plays Brahms Hungarian Dance №1 alongside pianist, Sam Haywood.

Joshua Bell VR Project Preview Image
The Occupation Project Preview Image

Logo Design

The Occupation

White Paper Games approached me to design the logo for their second indie game "The Occupation"- a first-person, investigative thriller set in the 1980's.

Logo Design

Immersive Technology Group

I designed a logo & branding for Sony PlayStation's R&D division, Immersive Technology Group which focused on exploring concepts within immersive technologies.

Immersive Technology Group Project Preview Image
White Paper Roots / White Paper Studio Project Preview Image

Logo Design

White Paper Roots / Studio

I was approached by White Paper Games to create two logos for two new initiatives to be connected to the wider White Paper ecosystem. One was a non-profit focused on online learning and the second would serve as a base for White Paper's main contract and non-game work.

Playground Project Preview Image

UI Exploration & fun

Design Playground

I wanted a place to keep some of the smaller and  timed designs that I've done. The intention here is to just create a collection of some cool little designs from simple single screens to animations.

more projects coming soon!

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