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Design Playground

I wanted a place to keep some of the smaller and  timed designs that I've done. The intention here is to just create a collection of some cool little designs from simple single screens to animations to icon designs and everything in between.

This will also be a place where I can keep and showcase any experiments I do in the future.

Animated gif of the Noughts & Crosses loader

Loading Icon

Noughts & Crosses

Created this fun little Noughts&Crosses loading icon which continues to lose until the content is ready to load.

Find out how I made this over on my Medium page Making of X&O

Paywall UI


A single-screen paywall design I created for a fictional VPN app called "GLBL_VPN" that lets you connect to various IP's across the globe with 100% security and anonymity.

Design of a paywall for a VPN app
The Paywall UI for a font app

Paywall UI


Placing the social and article feeds on separate pages more clearly define their purpose.

Articles are no longer mixed in with status updates and achievements so users have more of a choice in what they want to see.

App Icon


This was a fun little icon I created for a fictional app called "Dot-Dash" which encourages users to go out and walk by becoming Pac-Man!Users set a distance of 'x' amount of miles and Dot-Dash generates a number of routes (using GPS) for them to follow on the map. 

These routes are displayed as a trail of dots in which the user has to 'eat' to rack up points and beat their friends, furthermore, users get bonus points for collecting the fruits that are scattered around the map.

An icon design for an app called Dot-Dash
An icon design for an app called Scribe

App Icon


This was a fun little icon I created for a fictional app called “Scribe” in which users can draw simple pictures using their touch screen, then send those pictures to their friends.

The design is derived from simple cave drawings that were used as visual communication before written language had been established. I was inspired and ran with the idea; this is what happened.

404 page

Well, this is embarassing...

I felt like designing this cheeky little 404 page; I was inspired by the marble statues where it looks like they've been frozen in time mid conversation.

A design for a 404 page
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