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Logo Design

the Occupation


I was approached by White Paper Games to create the logo for their second indie game "The Occupation" - a first-person, fixed-time, investigative thriller that's set in North West England in the 1980s.

The game aims to re-create the anger people feel towards the government for their disregard to people's privacy and aims to bring light to the recent WikiLeaks and revelations documented by Edward Snowden. 

Similarly, the story is also loosely based around Manchester in the 1980’s on the evening of the UNION ACT being passed where there is a protest happening outside with the feeling of a revolution about to take place. 

The Design

For the direction of the logo design there needed to be an emphasis on privacy, yet feel like it could fit into the time period of the 1980’s. I wanted to place a huge focus on redaction, so “The” is encased in a block to anchor the design, whilst each letter is broken up with both negative and positive rectangles, as well as the groups of redaction lines that create areas of interest.

Cutting up and slicing into the letters gave the design parallels to the modern world, making it look slightly digital/ glitchy to convey that these issues of privacy are still happening in the digital age.

By adding texture and dirt gave it the context of being passed around between various sources, whilst the lack of clean lines gave it a cutout, paper feel.

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