Combined Shape

Logo design

White Paper Roots &
White Paper Studio


I was approached by White Paper Games to create two logos for two new initiatives that would be connected to the wider White Paper ecosystem.

The first was White Paper Roots which was a non-profit focused on online learning for game development where students can attend online webinars and collect resources to better their learning. The greater goal for the initiative is to eventually create a platform where students would be paid for learning whilst simultaneously gaining experience in the games industry.

The second initiative was White Paper Studio and would serve as a base for White Paper's main contract and non-game work. The aim of which is to produce high quality, creative works such as the publishing of games and books, as well as the housing of company contracts.

White Paper Roots

White Paper Roots is a non-profit initiative, free online educational platform that teaches students about games development. As White Paper Games is an indie developer with two published games and with 10 years experience in games development, the goal is to set up an online hub where students can learn about internships, funding opportunities, attend online seminars and of hone their craft through resources and tutorials.

The logo itself forms a dragonfly which is symbolic of transformation and adaptability; this was perfect for a learning platform aimed at students wanting to better themselves. 

To form the shape of the dragonfly I created a “ground” with a small flower bud as the head, and the body and wings form an inverted open book (to convey learning) using the pages to provide symmetry for the composition.

White Paper Studio

White Paper Studio was created to house a lot of the products to come out of the White Paper ecosystem. This ranged from Enterprise' projects with Unreal Engine, the publishing of books for game projects, business-based audiobooks and company contracts for 3D, Product Design & pre-visualisation work. This was essentially the "bread and butter" for the White Paper Games development studio.

I was inspired by the simple concept of paper and how many things it's used for; from ideation and creativity, to the formal documentation that can propel those original ideas.

Although abstract, the design itself combined the ideas of paper play and production with the simple paper rectangle forming a shadow that creates an open door. This can also be perceived as the door being cut out of the paper which also takes the space of the shadow. Containing the heavier element of the shadow within the centre ensures the overall design remains balanced.

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